How do I learn German – Learn German

How do I learn German – Learn German, one of the languages ​​that are needed in the current era and which have many opportunities for work is the German language,

and despite its difficulty, some people want to study it seriously, and every language needs enough time to learn it correctly, so there is no A language that is difficult to learn,

but only needs focus, and the time to learn. Specifics that must be adhered to in order to learn German in a short time.

How do I learn German – Learn German

You can learn German at home without spending money, learning something on your own gives you a great sense of achievement, and you can control your learning speed,

or any way you like, everyone knows the best way to learn German, there are countless ways to learn German, and the first steps to learn German are:

Find resources to help you learn,

such as online audio courses, which are free on many websites. Just search for learning German online.

Or learn the German language online in addition to having grammar and word books on the Internet, downloading German language learning applications on smartphones in addition to watching films in German and reading German newspapers and German books.

One of the most important steps to learn the language seriously is to immerse yourself in culture,

and talking to German people,

this helps to develop your language, and also pronunciation correctly and getting to know the vernacular language among Germans.

You can find a friend online who wants to learn your language,

and he teaches you German. You can immerse yourself in German culture, and make German friends online without having to travel abroad.

German learning rules

How do I learn German - Learn German
How do I learn German – Learn German

If you speak English well, this will make it easier for you to learn the German language, as German and English are from the same language group. You have come a long way in learning German,

as the German rules are the most difficult,

but there are general rules that will help you in learning German, which are:

Hear and repeat German letter sounds, listen to each letter individually and compare it to other letters, listen for the differences

between English and German letter sounds and repeat the pronunciation of letter sounds until you get used to hearing them.

After you master the pronunciation of German letters and learn the sounds of the letters, you have to learn simple, basic and common words which is the first step to build your vocabulary,

for example think about the basic English words used in everyday life,

then search for synonyms of these words in German such as salutations and saying yes No, sorry, thank you, please, good morning, good evening, and so on.

How can I learn German by myself?

After learning basic vocabulary, you can learn nouns, verbs, and adjectives. Set yourself a daily goal,

such as learning three new nouns, verbs and adjectives to expand your vocabulary every day.

Start learning German grammar and choose teachers

who communicate information in a simplified way, through online applications or online educational courses.

You may find it difficult at first in German grammar, but with its repetition, it will be easier for you.


Read the news in German. This step helps you to develop your reading skill.

If there are words you do not know the meaning of,

search for them in the dictionary and then memorize them.

 German language course online free

The important step for learning German is to start talking with German teacher friends, and this step does not require you to travel to Germany,

where you can find German friends to exchange language through the Internet,

whether online sites or through language exchange applications that are abundant on smartphones.

Listen to German audio lessons. It is a good way to learn German.

You can hear the phonetics at any time during the transition, in free time, or anywhere.

This improves your ability to listen to the German language and differentiate words.

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