How to start learning German on your own

How to start learning German on your own You have to realize that learning German is not easy, as it is classified as one of the most difficult languages ​​around the world,

so learning it will require patience and perseverance.

It is very well known that the key to learning every language is its practice.

It is not permissible to be satisfied with memorizing

some new synonyms and then being preoccupied with something else and deluding yourself that this is how you learn, as it is necessary to apply and practice.


How to start learning German on your own

We will mention in the following lines learning German:


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New Synonyms Grammar

When you memorize some words for the day, you should not memorize them separately, each one separately, but you should form useful sentences with them,

and link the words to each other.


In order not to infiltrate forgetfulness, you must also learn the rules of the language in a sound and clear manner, so you must write to a German language teacher,

or even a friend of yours who speaks it so that he can correct some mistakes that must occur from you, because you are still learning.


German language learning methods

How to start learning German on your own
How to start learning German on your own

Set yourself a certain time per day to study German,

and let it be 30 minutes each day, with time you will find yourself making great progress in this.

You can also improve your German listening skill by listening to some music and songs,

economics and politics programmes, and German-speaking channels.

Keep in mind that it is not so important to translate the speech literally as it is to understand the context of the speech and what it is about.

You can read in it, and you can use a little German with your friends,

all of this helps you a lot in learning and mastering the German language.

Find good sources that benefit you and do not cause you to waste your time,

you can use Google to find out some of these sites, I will list some of them for you here.

Best way to learn German

If you want more, you can search as well. You can also try listening to the radio from your mobile phone,

I like this method very much, German radio is more fun than TV channels and monotonous political news.

There is a great way for beginners that enables them to memorize a lot of synonyms easily and not forget them as well.

Which is to make scraps of paper and write the names of the things around it and paste them on these things.

This helps them very much to memorize new words and practice the language.

Also, if you are a beginner, you must try reading comics,

which may be intended for children, but it mainly helps in strengthening your language, and it may be somewhat fun.

To master German we must practice the language in our daily lives,

such as writing our homework list in German.

Writing after the names of our friends there, writing the daily shopping list, and the accompanying notes in German as well.

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