Learn German Online – Learn German

Learn German Online – Learn German You should not try to remember a thousand words at once or to understand all the tenses and prepositions. It is necessary to “suck” the substance slowly and in small portions.


In the German language lesson as in sports, you should not immediately take the heaviest weight and strive to complete the most difficult exercise. You need to gradually increase the load and gradually take all the new more difficult levels.


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Learn German Online – Learn German

We will mention Learn German Online – Learn German:


Surround yourself in German

A very effective technique is the technique “Deep diving”. It is important to surround yourself in a foreign language from all sides. Paste the cards around the house with the names of things in a foreign language – a bed, a table, a pen, a drawer, a key, etc.


Hang posters and tables of irregular verbs or inflections of articles and adjectives on the walls. Let three verb forms hang from the mirror in the bathroom, prepositions and adverbs at the dinner table, and a table of articles prominently in the living room.


The main thing is to change these cards to new ones from time to time, otherwise over time they will not be perceived as new and will simply be part of the interior.


Translate contact and Facebook into German, listen to the news in the background, and while you’re in a traffic jam, listen to German audiobooks. Language level not allowed? There are a lot of sounds and for starters, start simple as mentioned above.


Put it into practice

Learn German Online - Learn German
Learn German Online – Learn German

Without effective use in speech, words are forgotten very quickly! Write letters, e-mails, chat on the pages of the forum – by the way, there is a section where members of the forum communicate with each other only in German.


Great way to practice German and learn new words! Suppose you need to learn 10 irregular verbs by tomorrow – come up with a coherent story from ten sentences, each with one verb. It is easier and more reliable to remember!


Combine styles

It is important to pay attention to different aspects of speech – not only to read, but also to speak, not only to listen to the text, but also to write down its summary, ask questions. There is no one universal technology that fits all.


Learning a foreign language is a very individual process, it depends on age, abilities, communication skills in the native language, motivation, diligence and many other factors. Look for the “your” method.


For example, watch movies in original books or read books, and in addition to this, also use other methods – chatting in German on Skype, communicating with someone, etc.

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