Bitcoin Trading Comprehensive Guide 2022

Bitcoin Trading Comprehensive Guide 2022 Lately we hear a lot of terms such as: cryptocurrency trading, investing in cryptocurrencies or names like bitcoin.


What is the meaning of all this? What are digital currencies? And what can you do with it? Is Bitcoin the only digital currency in the world?


Bitcoin Trading Comprehensive Guide 2022

Cryptocurrency is a cryptocurrency that enables you to purchase goods and services online.


It uses a digital online ledger with strong encryption to ensure and protect online financial transactions.


The growing interest in these virtual currencies comes as a result of what is known as “cryptocurrency trading”, in which these currencies are bought and sold to achieve real financial profits from them.


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What is the difference between cryptocurrency and blockchain

Bitcoin Trading Comprehensive Guide 2022
Bitcoin Trading Comprehensive Guide 2022

When we hear the word “cryptocurrency” we may immediately think of the word “Blockchain”, as many people think that both terms mean the same thing, but this is not true.


As we have already explained above, digital currencies are cryptocurrencies that are used to purchase goods and services, while Blockchain is the technology or technology behind it.


It is a decentralized technology that incorporates encrypted records spread across many high-speed and capable computers, which manage all transactions made between clients within this network.


Types of digital currencies and their prices

Some believe that there is only one type of digital currency, and that is Bitcoin. However, that is not true. According to, there are more than 6,700 digital currencies that are publicly traded and dealt with, and the cryptocurrency market is still witnessing an increasing growth every day.


At a time when Bitcoin is the most popular and most valuable digital currency, there are many companies that have started issuing their own digital currency, which you can use to purchase services and products from this particular company.


It’s like those points that you earn when you buy merchandise from a certain site, which you can later exchange for real money that you use to buy products from the same site (and not any other site).


  • Bitcoin: The market capitalization is $969.9 billion.
  • Ethereum: With a market capitalization of $222.3 billion.
  • Tether: $33.1 billion.
  • Binance Coin: $30.5 billion.
  • Cardano: $28.3 billion.
  • Polkadot: $28.1 billion.
  • XRP: $24.4 billion.
  • Litecoin: $15 billion.
  • Chainlink: It has a value of $13.3 billion.
  • Bitcoin Cash: $13.1 billion.


The importance and advantages of digital currencies

Digital currencies have gained the attention and support of many people around the world for many reasons, including the following:


Possible future currency

Many supporters of digital currencies believe that the latter, especially Bitcoin, will become the official currency in the future, which is why they are rushing to buy it now before it increases in value and price.


But is this really what will happen? We will answer that in the next part about investing in cryptocurrencies!


Decentralization advantage

The digital currency is not linked to any authority or central authority, such as banks, and therefore digital financial transactions

in this case do not need an intermediary in order to carry out them, which eliminates transaction fees, which is something that many supporters of encrypted digital currencies like.


Safety and the difficulty of counterfeiting and counterfeiting

As we have already explained above, digital currencies rely on blockchain technology in their work, as this decentralized

technology in recording and transferring financial transactions is one of the most secure methods of payment and transfer of funds, as the blockchain network

cannot be easily hacked and it is impossible to forge it. This makes cryptocurrency a preferred option for many.


How do I buy a digital currency?

Even after learning about all the risks of investing in cryptocurrency and expert advice to stay out of the field, you may still want to buy a cryptocurrency and hold it for the future as the saying goes: “Hide your white for your black day!”


Who knows, things may really change and cryptocurrency trading becomes a safer option. That’s why it’s okay to learn how to buy these coins

You can actually buy some digital currencies for real money in US dollars, while some other types of cryptocurrencies require payment with Bitcoin or any other digital currency.


In order to buy cryptocurrencies, you need an e-wallet and an online application in which to keep your cash. Where you must first create your own account in one of

the cryptocurrency trading applications, then transfer real money to it to buy the digital currency you want, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or others.

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