Top 10 Forex Trading strategies for beginners

Top 10 Forex Trading strategies for beginners The best strategy for day trading in the Forex market is many and varied, as there are many different strategies that traders use in their daily trading in theForex market or the stock market.


Daily Forex Trading Strategies

Day trading is for traders to participate in the financial markets through various financial instruments, such as stocks, foreign currencies and futures contracts, with the aim of achieving financial gains on an ongoing basis.


Various types of traders are involved in the trading process, from just independent individuals in their home to giant financial institutions that move billions of dollars in the markets.

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Best forex trading strategy

The best forex day trading strategy is action packed and requires traders to be present at the trading station throughout the session.


It is widely known that the narrower the time frame in which a trader operates, the more likely he is to be at risk. That is why day trading can be described as one of the most risky ways to trade the currency markets.


The forex trading strategies used by day traders are not really that different and they are not the cause of what increases the risk. In fact, the overall logic is the same for almost any time period.


Alternatively, the rules of day trading in forex tend to be stricter and do not appeal to those who do not follow them.

How can you get the best strategy for day trading in the forex market?

  • In order to achieve a strong performance in the forex market, you must be ready to spend more effort and time to complete your deal without any losses and to achieve impressive results.
  • There is no single successful day trading strategy in the world that can be applied to every situation of the financial market, price setting, or any opportunities you encounter during your trading.
  • This is why it is so important to become competitive and competent in one of the following two options.
  • First, you may want to become an expert and get the best day trading strategy and use it whenever possible.
  • Second, you can choose to master a small range of types of forex strategies and apply them to as many different situations as possible.
  • Although the previous two options are the wisest to follow, these options also have their drawbacks.
  • The first requires that the trader be extremely patient; The second requires that you be able to control your feelings and psychology and be aware of the complex situations and conflicting signals that you may encounter.


Top 10 forex trading strategies for beginners


In this article, we will explain to you the forex trading strategies for beginners:

Best Daily Trading Strategy:

This strategy focuses on the main sessions of each forex market, keeping track of the daily trends of currency prices, which go along with trading the currency pairs: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD, USD/CAD.


Scalping strategy:

The speculative strategy aims to increase the balance of the trader by achieving a large number of profits, but it is of small value and depends on trading currencies by buying and selling within a short period and achieving quick profits.


Martingale strategy:

Top 10 Forex Trading strategies for beginners
Top 10 Forex Trading strategies for beginners

Martingale strategy is not suitable for beginner traders, as it relies on risk to recover the realized losses, meaning that the trader doubles the size of his investment every time to compensate for his past losses.


For example, if a trader invests $100 and loses the trade, he invests $200 in the next trade to make up for his loss in the previous deal, and this is among the best strategy for day trading.


Swing Trading Strategy:

The swing trading strategy is known as the “open and forget” strategy, meaning that the trade can last not only for hours, but for days, as it does not need a long time to manage.


This strategy involves choosing high interest currency pairs with relatively low movement, and this is the best day trading strategy for the traders who do not have enough time to manage their trades.


Counter-deal method:

It is one of the best forex strategies that is highly guaranteed to succeed. Instead of one deal, the trader opens two deals on the same currency pair, but in opposite directions, i.e. buying and selling and another deal for selling on the same currency pair.


Trading: Drop on Stop

This strategy is the opposite of the previous one and trades strong breakouts to the downside, and it is one of the best day trading strategy for some users.


Forex Fractional Trading:

One of the best day trading strategy for some traders this is not just a strategy, but an understanding of trading. You look at what the price is doing and why, as well as who is causing the market to move.


London Hammer Trading Strategy:

This strategy can be used at a time when the price may break out strongly in a certain direction, or it may strongly reverse from a support or resistance area.

“Pop on Stop” trading strategy:

This strategy helps you determine if the price will continue in a particular direction of the breakout or not. This strategy is useful when the price rebounds to the top, and for some this is the best day trading strategy.


Rollover trading strategy

This strategy is intended for people who are new to the forex market, because of its ease and simplicity, it differs greatly from some other strategies and performs better in high volatility environment and markets with clear overall trends.



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