What is the Top 10 cloud service

Top 10 cloud service

What is the Top 10 cloud service? Cloud storage services offer a number of features that cannot be dispensed with,

the first of which is the ability to save files on the cloud

(on the Internet) and then access them from your computer, browser, and smartphone application,

meaning that you will be able to access your file from anywhere as well as you can create and organize folders as well as you can share a file with any other user through a file upload link.

Top 10 cloud service

We will mention in the following lines the Top 10 cloud services as follows:

Microsoft OneDrive cloud storage service

The OneDrive service is one of the giants in this field, especially as it comes directly from the giant Microsoft.

This service also integrates with the rest of Microsoft services such as the Office package and others.

This is why we find that most OneDrive users are a lot of dealing with Office files such as Word and Excel, but it is suitable for everyone.

OneDrive offers you up to 5GB of free storage space and the OneDrive app for Android and iOS devices automatically uploads and stores photos as soon as they’re taken,

which is an optional feature but it’s there and free.

Google Drive cloud storage service from Google

When we see a Microsoft product anywhere, we find a product similar to Google in the same field, the matter seems to have become a rule,

but Google does not stop showing its superiority, especially if it is related to the service of its Android users.

Google provides its cloud storage service for free for up to space Up to 15 GB,

which you can store anything in. Text files created via Google Docs are also stored in your private space.

 biggest advantage of Google Drive is that it allows you to save an infinite number of photos through the Google Photos app without counting those photos from the total space of your drive.How do you determine the right hosting services for your site

The most popular and simple cloud storage service Dropbox

 Dropbox cloud storage service is the most popular service among the previous services,

despite its limited space, as you only get 2 GB of space for free,

which is the lowest number so far, but you can get 1 TB of space for $ 99 per year, and the Dropbox application For Android phones, it is great in terms of design and smoothness,

as well as features, the most important of which is the advantage of making some files available for browsing even in the absence of an Internet connection.

MEGA largest cloud storage service

The MEGA service only gives you 50 GB of space once you sign up for a new account.

What’s also special about MEGA is that it cares about privacy and protecting your files as well as protecting your connection, and we don’t think that all of the apps on this list do that.

All your files are encrypted as soon as they are uploaded to MEGA and decrypted again once they are downloaded from your device only you,

meaning that MEGA cannot even see your files, meaning that MEGA gives you the most space in this list as well as protection for your files.

What is the Top 10 cloud service
What is the Top 10 cloud service

Box cloud storage service

The Box application is very similar, in general, to the Dropbox application,

except that Box offers you 10 GB of free space, and you can raise it to 100 GB for $10 per month,

meaning that it is distinguished in providing a lot of free space, but it loses in pricing as some of the other services above offer terabytes Complete for this price.

MediaFire cloud storage service

Yes, you and I know MediaFire and we know that it is a site for uploading and downloading files. It is a file hosting site only. However,

MediaFire now offers an integrated cloud storage service for its members and also offers 12 GB space for free,

which can be increased to 50 GB by inviting other members, etc. Also,

the MediaFire app for Android provides the ability to automatically upload camera images as well as videos, but it does not provide the best user experience.


The Unclouded application does not provide a cloud storage service like its predecessors,

but it offers you the ability to manage all your accounts on cloud storage services from one place and directly,

as due to some restrictions on the space provided by each application,

you may need to use more than one of these applications and this is what Unclouded provides it to you.


WeTransfer is one of the best free cloud storage services for file transfer and free file sharing. It has a storage capacity of 20GB. The Best Web Hosting

One of its advantages is that you can send a 2GB file to 20 email addresses of users at one time.


This site offers you a free cloud storage space on

the Internet to upload and modify your large personal files or download whenever you want from anywhere,

and also the ability to share your files with others.


With TransferBigFiles, you can transfer your huge files and share them with others over the Internet. It gives you a free 20GB capacity,

you can also get an upgrade to a paid business plan where you can get up to 1TB of storage

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