Our daily needs of electricity

Our daily needs of electricity

There are many uses of electricity in our lives, for example:

  • Lighting: The lighting lamp, one of the first applications on electricity,
  • works by heating: the current passing through resistance generates heat

The invention of Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb in the 1870s led lighting to become one of the first available applications of electric power

  • Heating:
  • The heater works to warm the atmosphere in homes and companies in cold weather
  • Air Conditioning: Air-conditioning units are now deployed in many homes
  • Refrigeration: Refrigerators operate by electric current
  • Telecommuting:
  • The electric telegraph, invented by Cook and Wiston in 1837, was one of the first applications of electricity in this field.
  • Our daily needs of electricity

 With the advent of the first telegram system across continents and then across the Atlantic in the 1860s, It takes only a few minutes all over the world.

Although fiber-optic and satellite communications have taken a market share in telecommunication systems, electricity remains an essential part of this process

  • Electric motor:
  • Moreover, the electromagnetic effects are clearly visible in the electric motor, which is a clean and effective means of driving. natural gas
Our daily needs of electricity
Our daily needs of electricity

The hard drive, such as the crane, easily supplied with a power supply. An engine that moves with its application, such as an electric vehicle,

must carry a source of power such as a battery, or collect an electrical charge derived from a sliding contact such as a pantograph, placing limits on its range or performance

  • Washing machines: used to clean clothes
  • Radio:
  • One of the most important inventions of the 20th century, and the events transmit sounds through electromagnetic waves
  • TV sets:
  • to watch events happening in the world for educational and cultural purposes
  • Metro: electric trains in capitals and large cities in the world, including what goes on the ground, including what goes under the surface of the earth through tunnels (Metro)
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